5 Quick Fixes for your Social Media Business Pages

5 easy ways to carry out a social media audit and review

Do you know what you are doing on social media? Have you ever taken the time to properly look at the content you are putting out there? Do you know if what you are doing on your social media platforms is helping you to achieve your business goals?


If you answered no to any (or all!) of those questions, then it’s time to run a health-check on your channels. Regularly reviewing what you are doing on social media is the only way to see where you are at, what you are doing right and what might not be working. Only armed with this knowledge can you see the big picture and highlight some of the small details that may be costing you valuable time and money.


Now, there is a LOT of great advice out there about how to carry out an in-depth audit of your platforms using analytics and putting all the details into spreadsheets (I’ve linked to some great articles below). There are numerous templates you can download for free if spreadsheets are your thing. But, if you are a small business like me and you only have one or two social media accounts and you really just want an overview and to see if you are on the right track, here are my TOP FIVE things you should be looking at right now to get a handle on what you are doing on social media and what small changes you can make to get even better results.


1 – Branding, imagery and tone of voice.

Your branding and imagery should be the same across all of your business pages so that people instantly recognise your brand. Think about perhaps having the same cover image across all your channels, use your logo for your profile image, stick to your brand colours etc.

Look also at how you communicate your message – is this the same on all your channels? Do multiple people in the business post separately and therefore the writing style is different on each platform? Do you write in the first person, third person, use colloquialism or local dialect, talk to your audience in a formal tone, or friendly, or informative? All of these should be consistent across every social media platform you post on otherwise, your audience will be confused about what kind of business you are and what your message is.

You want the audience and your customers to see your posts and your pages and immediately recognise your business and your brand.


2 – Make a note of your follower numbers.

Fans and followers are not the be all and end all of social media and in actual fact, follower numbers in themselves have little effect on algorithms and how many people see your posts but, at the end of the day, it’s a sign that your content is performing well and your brand awareness is increasing if people are choosing to follow your account so it’s still a useful metric to track and see if your numbers are going in the right direction.

If your follower numbers are stagnating or dropping, you can do some further work to explore why – do you need to change up your content, revisit your audience profiles, run some promotions.

If one of your platforms is outperforming the others and you are gaining followers there, perhaps that is where you need to focus more of your efforts.


3 – Post engagement 

This is an important metric as this one does affect those pesky platform algorithms, which in turn affect who and how many people see your content, so you should be keeping an eye on your likes, comments and shares. This figure depends a lot on your content, which leads us on to the 4th thing you should be  regularly reviewing


4 – Content.

Have a look at how often you are publishing content and check out your top performing posts. You’ll see from your engagement figures which of your posts have resonated with your audience and which haven’t, which ones did people ‘like’ or ‘favourite’, which ones got people talking, which ones were shared the most. Is there a pattern? Do your audience love GIFs and Memes, do they like text posts, thought pieces, great images, long posts or short posts, are they motivational or inspiring or funny or informative – what is it about those posts that make your audience press that like button or take the time to comment on it? Are the comments favourable or negative? How quickly has your business responded and is there a theme to the comments.

Are your best posts those posted on a Sunday evening or a Tuesday morning?

Once you’ve worked all of that out, you can refine your content plan to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t!


5 – Concentrate your efforts

And finally! Once you have a clear picture of what accounts you have, how often you are posting, how your content is performing and who is looking at your pages, you can decide which platforms are working the best, where your audience is, what type of content works for you and where you might need to do a little work on your pages.



✔ Make sure your cover images and logos are consistent across platforms. Ensure the images are clear and in the correct size and format.

✔ Make a note of your follower numbers and track this weekly/monthly

✔ Properly look at your content and see what type of content is getting the most engagement – do more of this! If none of your content is performing brilliantly or you are not sure, give yourself a couple of weeks to experiment with different types of content and then do this exercise again to look at the results.


And remember this shouldn’t be a one-off exercise. You ought to be reviewing your social media and all of your marketing efforts on a regular basis to determine what is working and where you need to refine or re-work your strategy.


Any queries or if you’d like some help carrying out a social media audit on your platforms, drop me a message here

Kerry x


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